Skip a Beat Team

Yosef Safi Harb

Yosef specialised in sensor technology for aerospace engineering. Now he uses his knowledge of sensors to power behavior change games. Beware his of cheesy jokes.


Hicham Shatou

Business development
Hicham makes sure there is bread on the table and he is really good at it. Otherwise we’d all starve to death.

Julie Wolsak


Julie makes sure the right things get done on time by the right people.. faster! Also since her arrival consumption of delicious treats has skyrocketed.


Mohammad Ghassemi

Algorithm Expert
PHD from MIT in electrical engineering and computer science in the field of neuro-imagining. He makes sure the algorithm achieves 90% accuracy compared to a medical device.

Jelmer Raaijmakers

Lead Game Designer
A game designer and swimming instructor for over 14 years, Jelmer knows how to keep his head above water.

Samuel Olaria

Lead Artist
When Samuel is in his creative mood everybody better watch out, because he’ll make the most beautiful things know to men whether visual identity, characters, animations .. anything. Also his wave dance move is legendary!

Franklin Snellink

iOS & Unity Developer
Electrical & computer engineer from Delft University technology, he has had the patience of implementing just that one extra feature..  again and again… Franklin has skilfully combined the native iOS algorithm and Unity game elements to work in perfect harmony.

Jason Pengel

Unity Developer
Jason has tuned endlessly to make Skip a Beat as fun as possible, everytime a bird spawns think of Jason. He sometimes starts doing a breakdance flare in the office when he gets to excited.

Ilse Woud

Environment artist
Skip lives in a beautiful place thanks to Ilse’s hard work. Ilse can draw out breathtaking landscapes before you manage to say breathtaking landscapes. She keeps the team sharp by asking critical questions.

Rienk Prinsen

Software architect
Rienk is the guy you can understand for the first 10-15 minutes before it gets way way to technical, as long as it working good, we are all very very happy. Rienk helped with the backend and the first version of the algorithm.

Jasper Jochem

Healthcare consultant

Jasper helped us decide on the type of biofeedback mechanism using the camera of the iphone. Jasper designed measurements experiments to verify the accuracy of the algorithm. He is always talking about scrapping functionalities, ha! We only believe in adding functionalities… not really we end up listening to him.


“Skip a Beat Trailer music”, “Skip a Beat Sound effects” by by Thomas Kalksma from Thomas Music
“Puzzle B” by by Teo Acosta from Pangolin Studios
“Clouds Rolling By” by Teo Acosta from Pangolin Studios
“Bounce (LLB Orchestral Remix)” by  Cyberborg Jeff & Laurent le Brun



Dutch translation by Imre Schouten





Mitchel van Kalken

Unity Developer

Mitchel has helped build the first version of the game, back when Skip was a Rocket ship flying through space, not kidding!

Sander Heijnen


Sander helped with the HUD and menu’s. He also communicated on behalf of the student team.

Philipe Eikemans


Concepts, more concepts and even more concepts. Philipe helped experiment with different enemies and characters.

Bas Floris


Bas is a good artist and a funny guy. Fulls of ideas, has helped think of gameplay mechanics.


Christian Batist

Game business advisor
Christian has been an incredible help in helping us develop our online game strategy as well as fine tuning the design of the game. Christian is the founder and CEO of Perfect Earth a game that lets children discover about the impact of their actions on the environment. He has also worked with some of the most successful game companies in the world, such as Animal Jam, Spil Games, Stardoll, Sulake, Studio100 and Nickelodeon.

Frank Elion

Management Coach
Frank coaches the team on achieving their monthly goals and keep a critical eye on decisions taken. Frank is the commercial director of VGZ, a Dutch healthcare provider that aims at providing Quality and affordable Healthcare serving over 4 million people.

Martin Koersen

Innovation Advisor
Martin sees, hears and reads everything when it comes to latest technologies. His industry insight has helped us make important decision regarding the strategy of the company. Martin is Partner Innovation and Ventures at Ordina, the largest Dutch IT and consultancy company.

Steve Terbini

Art Supervisor
Steve job is to say this is ugly go make it better 10 times or more till it is beautiful. Steve Terbini is the art Director of Clockwork, a digital communication agency with 170 people. At night, he puts on a cape and becomes a  DJ .

Thanks to these good people have we come this far.

Family & Support

love and cheerleading

Anne Sophie Safi Harb
Nabil Safi Harb
Rana Safi Harb
Sarah Safi Harb
Bart de Laat

Inspiration & Support

love and cheerleading

Jessica Abad Kelly
Steven Blom
Tarek Ghobar
Laurina Hildering van Lith
Peter Laanen
Dirk van Lith
Job Nijs
Titiaan Pallazi
Hicham Shatou
Rachelle Shatou

Early days mentorship

helping discover the light

Christian Batist
Romar Bucur
Oscar Clark
Don Ginsel
Esther Gons
Andrea Haker
Erik Heemskerk
Frits Oukes
Leon Pals
Emily Sampson
Richie van Den Broek
Jeroen van Mastrigt-Ide
JP van Seventer

Our first game jam

so you want to make a game?

Hielke van Buren
Menno Deen
Xinrong Ding
Jaap Gerretsen
Björn Gillissen
Isabela Granic
Heleen Groenendijk
Yu-Chia Huang
Floyd Huizinga
Willem Jan Renger
Gerson Janssen
Jan Jonk
Jeroen Kerkhof
Adam Lobel
Sander van der Linden
Aukje Molenaar
Remi Newton
Rik Nieuwdorp
Frederic Petrignani
Robert Shepherd
Pascal van Beek

Awesome people from Softlayer

specialty opening big bad closed doors

Vincent Bijvoet
Anna Bofill
Michalina Kiera
Emily Sampson
Jonathan Wisler

Awesome people from Kairos Society

thanks for the exposure and introductions

Nadina Bongaerts
Alex Fiance
Ewoud Goorts
Arjun Mali
Christopher Pruijssen
Karolina Stawinska
Luuk Veeken

Awesome people from Ordina

development, development, development

Ted Boeren
Rene Everwijn
Tim Gouw
Evert Jan Metselaar
Jasper Jochem
Martin Koersen
Rienk Prinsen
Tanja Surrucco
Richard Tilborg

Awesome people from Clockwork

making things look pretty since 1980 something

Barry Bongers
George de Bouter
Marie Jose
Jeffrey Kuik
Renee Olde Monnikhof
Franklin Snellink
Pieter Teekens
Roel van Osch
Martijn van Radstake
Inge van Voorst

Awesome people from Dare to have a dream program

access to a wonderful network of coaches and entpreneurs

Mohamed Abadi
Wilfred van Beuningen
Zehra Dogan
Frank Elion
Alex Kuiper

Later phase mentorship

Have you thought of this?

Britta Bouma
Hendrik Halbe
Michelle Leeson
Willem Sodderland
Beth Susan

Please let us know if we somehow forgot your name, we are only human :).