Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play Skip a Beat: heart rate game?

Skip a Beat is the world’s first game you control with your actual heart rate. By placing your finger on the camera lens (including the flashlight) your heart rate is measured and used as an input to control the movements of Skip the frog.  Press on the screen and release to help Skip hop and avoid dangerous enemies along the way. The gameplay is inspired by Tiny Wings & Jetpack Joyride. If your heart rate stays within the right range your score is multiplied.

How does my heart rate affect the game?

If your heart rate stays within the right range your score is multiplied. Second your heart rate determines how high you will fly and the size of Skip.

Skip a Beat heart rate growth light

How do I influence my heart rate?

We have listed some tips and tricks here . Also you can use the forums to discuss with other players your tips for influencing your heart rate. Please note that we have limited the heart rate range to 56 and 98 to prevent players for influencing their heart rate in an unhealthy way.


What do my heart rate changes in game mean?

Heart rate changes can be due to many factors: stress, excitement, anger, physical exertion, shock. During the game we expect you to become frustrated, excited, tense, happy, those states will influence your heart rate causing it either to go up or down.


Where can I see my scores?

You can view all your scores in the Heart Rate Dashboard. In the main menu press the Heart button.


What can I do with the dashboard?

In the dashboard, you can find a complete overview of all games you have played, the time, date and the lowest, average and highest heart rate during the game. Use it to discover insights about your heart rate.


Why does Skip fly?

See the story of Skip to understand why Skip flies. Basically, princess Euphoria told him about the secret which upset the birds. The secret is, if you promise not to tell anyone, you can use the power of your heart to fly…


What is the story of the game?

Skip is a frog on a mission to save his beloved princess Euphoria, facing all kinds of obstacles while puffing his cheeks to fly through the air. Use your heart to power Skip as he avoids enemies, collects insects and hops through the sky with his beating heart of love.


What happened to Princess Euphoria?

You’ll find out… She was kidnapped by the birds. If you do well, you will find her eventually!

Can I save the princess?

You’ll find out!

How does de technology behind Skip a Beat work?

We measures your actual heart rate trough a unique biofeedback algorithm developed by TUDelft alumni alongside a team of aerospace, software and neuroimaging engineers that include MIT PhD Mohammad Ghassemi.

Your actual heart rate is derived by measuring the blood flow in your in finger illuminated by the camera flash.

The game does not seem to be picking up my heart rate, why?

During the measurement of your heart rate it is important that you keep your finger still on the camera (including the flashlight). Please place your finger correctly and hold it still for at least 10 seconds. While playing it is best that you are seated.

Sometimes the heart rate fluctuates, why? 

When the heart rate fluctuates it can be that your heart rate is above 98bpm. For medical reasons Happitech B.V. decided to take only measurements between 56 and 98bpm. It could also be that you are excited / under a good challenge while playing the game.

How accurate is the heart rate measurement?

The camera lens detects your heart rate when your finger is placed over it, and if done correctly, this tool can have an accuracy of 3-5 beats per minute.

Do you keep my data?

Happitech B.V. is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of its user community. For information on our data policy please read our privacy policy at http://skipabeatgame.com/privacy/

Does Skip a Beat support Health Kit? 

Skip a Beat: Heart Rate game is not yet supported by Health Kit. We are currently working on Health Kit integration.

Does the game affect my battery life?

By using the camera and flashlight the battery life may be reduced. We recommend game play session of 5-6 minutes per hour.

Can I submit any fan art?

Awesome! We encourage you to send an email to love@skipabeatgame.com and we’ll share it via our social media channels (Twitter and Facebook).

What about an Android version?

Skip a Beat: Heart Rate Game can exclusively be purchased on the Apple App Store. We hope to bring Skip a Beat to Android in the coming months.